Monday, August 31, 2015

Espanol & Sunflowers

 I now have a giant sunflower, 
which is the temporary sun, 
because the last few days it has only been raining. 
So, YAY! Sunflowers!


It's crazy that I have been out in the field for a month and on my mission for 6 weeks! I'm still not sure how I want to organize e-mails, so, today I will try it day by day...

Tuesday was a zone conference. So, it started early at 6am with Sister Tauala and I vacuuming out our car. By 7 am we were on the road driving to Longview an hour away. We crossed over many parts of the Columbian River on beautiful bridges. The conference was awesome! And on a side note we got honorable mention for the cleanliness of our car out of all the missionaries in two zones! Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Wednesday we did our service at a program where homeless people come and participate in humanitarian service. We made WAPIs which are water pasteurization indicators. These are sent to countries where they don't have a safe water source. I learned that every 14 seconds a child dies due to diseases related to dirty water. So WAPIs SAVE LIVES!!! Later that day, we were tracting downtown and saw a Hispanic women. Sister T really wanted to talk to her, so of course, I started yelling "hello." She looked at us oddly and then said, "Espanol." She only talked in Spanish. She asked if we spoke Spanish. I understood, so I replied, "a little bit". (This is all going on in Spanish) We ended up having a conversation about our church in Spanish! The gift of tongues
is real, because anybody who knows me, knows that I have super gringo Spanish and am really bad at speaking. But when I opened my mouth filled with compassion for this woman I was able to understand her and she understood me. My companion knows no Spanish and so wasn't able to understand anything. It was so cool though! We passed her on as a referral for the Hermanas in the Vancouver area. Lesson learned, never be afraid to open your mouth about the gospel because the Spirit will fill it and you will know what to speak and things will be brought to your remembrance.

Thursday - Saturday: I can't remember much that happened except we taught lots of investigators with members present and the spirit was felt. Bonnie is progressing and Virginia is on date for the 19th as
well as Kailie. We also have new investigators. They are a whole Micronesian family! Kailie's little sister introduced us to them!

Saturday - I do remember a specific lesson with a less active. He has had a super rough life, one that I will never ever understand. As Sister T and I taught him the restoration, the power of that message hit me like it never had before. This message turned from a truth I believed in, to a truth that I know to be true! Joseph Smith is really a prophet called of God. He really did see God the Father and His Son. And through this message I couldn't help but marvel at the love my Savior has for me- the love my Savior has for the whole entire human race, that has and will ever live in existence. Because of this love, we have prophets to guide us. Because of this love, we have a Savior and a way to return back to our Heavenly Father.

And it changed my perspective on missionary work a bit. Because I can share that love with others through service and teaching about this restored gospel because it is impactful. It changes lives!

Sunday - I started reading "Our Search for Happiness" by M. Russell Ballard. I recommend it to everyone! It will help increase understanding of the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints regardless if you are a member or non-member. For church, Sister T and I taught sharing time with Junior primary (kids ages 3-7) which was a blast. In the 3rd hour we then spoke to everyone in the ward 8 and up about missionary work. It was supposed to be made up of speakers: the bishop, ward mission leader, Sister T and I, and members from the Ward Council to introduce our ward mission plan. It ended up being just us first four listed. The Spirit was so strong in that meeting.

Something our ward struggles with is unity and love in just basic things such as serving. On the records we have over 400 members but only about 150 active members. So, I focused on love and service to reach out to the 250 inactive members. I honestly don't remember what I said. I had fasted and prayed earlier that day for the ability to discern what our ward needed to hear to start a passion in the ward to reach out to others. The Spirit of God was so strong as I spoke because it wasn't what I wanted to say, or what the bishop wanted me to speak about, but it was what the members needed to hear. And they shared that with tear filled eyes and listening ears as they learned from the speakers rather then sleeping through the meeting. I think we all gained a 
testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and the love Christ has for each and everyone of us. It's real!

I love all of you!
Sister Frisch

 Buried under pillows at our ward missionary's house.

 This is Riya, a recent convert.

Sister T got this Star Wars cereal.

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