Monday, August 3, 2015

 Savanah's first day at the Missionary Training Center with her companion Sister Arnold.

Sister Frisch and her district. ​back row: Elder Harney, Robbins, Bradbury, Jacklin, Cowley, Reynolds
front row: Elder Anderson, Sister Savanah Frisch, Sister Holly Arnold, Elder Stevens.

Sister Savanah Frisch's First Letter

Hello everybody!

I have no idea where to start.  So many things have happened since the week I have been here at the MTC.  I guess I will start by saying I will be in Washington by morning and yes my mission includes the northern part of Portland.

My companion is from Clinton, Utah and is 5' 2", so about 8 inches shorter then me.  She is awesome and we get along very well!  It has been so fun teaching with here.  We are also the Sister Training Leaders for our Zone, so we are kept busy (:

By the second day our district was very close and we have a blast together.  We have Elder Robbins and Elder Bradbury (going to Washington too), Elder Harney and Elder Anderson (they are going to Twin Fall, Idaho), Elder Cowley and Elder Jacklin (L.A.) and Elder Reynolds and Elder Steven (also L.A.).  They are seriously like my brothers and we have a blast whenever there is free time.  Sister Arnold and I have designated a daily district selfie, so we a bazillion pictures, but I am not sure yet how to connect my camera to the computer, so we will see if I end up sending pictures.

I just realized that many of you are not LDS or Mormon, so a little bit about what I am doing---  I am serving an 18 month mission in Vancouver, Washington to bring others unto Christ.  And so here at the MTC we train and teach investigators about the Restoration of our Church, the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Christ and the commandments.  These things are all so important and they help us feel of our Savior's love which is so real and so incredible.

So our days here at the MTC are long.  We are in a classroom or teaching investigators from in the morning until at night (except for gym time and meals).  That is how we have become so close to our district, we are stuck with these people for long hours, but it's awesome!

Some of my highlights have been seeing so many people here from BYU and home.  To name a few: Sister Rowberry (who only lives one floor under me), Elder Carroll, Elder Shaner, Elder Sabey, Sister Ensign, Elder Bates, Sister Giles, Elder Gurr, now I can't remember.  Elder Robbins and Elder Bradbury are keeping a count now and they say I have met 34+ missionaries here, so yeah, there are a lot of names I am forgetting.

On Sunday our whole district joined the MTC choir.  It's incredible the size of this choir!  There were about 600 elders and 300 sisters singing.  The spirit was so strong there as we sang, "A Child's Prayer."  Heavenly Father answers our prayers, even if it may not be the way we wanted them to be answered.

The most incredible thing has been seeing our investigators progress.  Right now we have three: Levi, Nicole, and Chevin.  Levi is just our teacher pretending to investigate, we are pretty sure Nicole is a member acting, and Chevin is an actual investigator.  She is actually currently in Indiana so all of our discussions have been over skype.  She will be going to the temple open house there next week, so to the missionaries I know who are there right now, keep your eyes open.  She is awesome and we connected over my fear for heights but still wanting to jump off a cliff in a squirrel suite at the age of 104 and she has already gone sky diving twice in her life, so yeah, she's awesome.

Well, 60 minutes goes by quickly.  Hopefully I will figure out how to send picture later.

I know Christ lives and God is real and that through the Atonement, all can be made right.  I am so excited to be in Washington!

Love you!

Sister Frisch

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