Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 10, 2015 Sister Frisch's E-mail Home

Hello everybody! So much has happened since a week and half ago, but it is so hard to remember things, so here are highlights.

Funny story. So, my name was called the first night I was at the MTC. It was like my grand, "hello I'm here, and I'm blonde sometimes and forget to pay van drivers." But I ended up paying him, so it's all good. Well, Tuesday morning, as I left the MTC, my name was called again, but at 4:01 in the morning. This was because even after both my companion and I set both of our alarm clocks for 2:30 a.m. because we needed to be at the
travel office at 3:35, they didn't go off. So we ended up waking up to the loud speaker saying our names. Oops. Long story short we got ready and packed in 15 minutes and made it! Then finished getting ready in the
airport bathroom. Exciting. And embarrassing. But mostly funny. And we got an extra hour and a half of sleep.

We flew from Salt Lake to Portland. 31 of us entered the Vancouver mission-26 elders, 5 sisters. On Wednesday I met my wonderful companion/trainer, Sister Tauala. She is from Hawaii. We hit it off really well and is awesome! We do a lot of tracting (however you spell that) and apparently I'm really good at identifying and meeting old people. Seriously! My new BFFs are 78 and 90 years old! Also, my area is in "the letter streets" or the ghetto part of Vancouver. It's rad. Everybody has beautiful overgrown gardens and green is everywhere. Contrary to popular belief, right now it is very dry and sunny. I love it! 

The members we live with are from Canada and Belgium and have chickens and a beautiful garden. It reminds me of home.

I've also tried a lot of new things! Like Taco Bell (not impressed), tomatoes (they were homegrown and delicious! Surprise I know!), and soccer (it was with the whole zone).

Right now I Believe in Christ is in my head. "I believe in Christ, so come what may." Yesterday we were out tracting (however you spell that) and I suddenly got this nervous feeling. Most of my area right now is in the
ghetto of Vancouver, so we always pray for safety and are really conscious of what time of day we are there. Any who, I felt nervous, but not a scared nervous, an anxious one. Sister Tauala and I weren't feeling any special connection that made us want to knock on a house, until we walked up to this blue falling apart house. It had a BEWARE of DOG sign and cigarettes all around it. But I really wanted to knock on the door. So we did. Out stepped this guy. He ended being 29, was covered in tattoos, was smoking a cigarette, and was slightly drunk. For 30 minutes we stood at his doorstep just listening to what he had to say. Most of it was why are we wasting our young years not at parties or drunk, ect. Ect.
And that he had been in jail, wasn't able to see his three kids, and started realizing he wished he had been a "nerd" in high school rather then a "cool kid." He was like a lot of the kids in my high school. All we ended
up saying is that we love Christ and so that is why we are out here knocking doors instead of partying and stuff. And that you can pray to a greater being to receive direction in life.

Once we left that house my nervous feeling left. I don't know why. I don't know what is happening in his life now or anything, but I do know that I Believe in Christ. And that because of the wonderful redemptive and enabling powers of the Atonement I am here today and I testify that Jesus is my Savior and Redeemer. God is real. And both live and love in perfection. To me their balance of mercy and justice is so beautiful. I want to share that. Because that is liberating. And because I believe in Christ, I will withstand whatever happens on this mission.

I love you all!


Sister Frisch 

P.s. I see on average 5 hippie vans a day and it is my favorite thing ever.

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