Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Shekinah-wesome week!

This week was crazy! Here is the week summed up! We were outside of Seaside more then we were there. 
Tuesday we had interviews with President Ferrin 30 minutes North in Astoria. Wednesday we had zone meeting an hour and a half away in Rainier. Thursday we decided to find less actives that were on the very border of our area, an hour away, in a little town called Berkenfeld, OR. Long story short, the bumper of our car fell off in the middle of nowhere on the highway without cell service, so we were able to shut the trunk of the car on the bumper as to keep it on while we drove to where we had service and had help. That leads to Friday taking us out of Seaside again to Longview, WA to get a new car. Saturday we were in Seaside the whole day and Ken was baptized! Sunday we were again in Astoria for a Regional Conference, so yeah! Shekinah-awesome!

Shekinah is a Hebrew word I learned this week. It means, "the glory of the divine presence, often represented as light" or AWESOME! As I've been on my mission, people remember me as, "the one who thinks life is awesome, and says awesome all the time." Well they are right. I use it
as just "awesome", or "awesome-sauce", "awesome-possum", and now, Shekinah-awesome! I think there is no better word to describe the Restoration of Christ's gospel and priesthood to the earth.

The Burgoyne's (a wonderful missionary couple that works in the mission office) drove all the way from Vancouver to Seaside to see us and to see Ken's baptism. Sister Burgoyne shared this awesome word with me :) in 1820 Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son. That event would be Shekinah; it was full of light and truth as these two personages were able to teach and direct Joseph through revelation. I am so grateful for that moment. I am grateful that Joseph was humble enough to be directed by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know Heavenly Father loves us and Jesus Christ loves us, which is why we continue to receive revelation on how to live happy lives and how to live eternally happy. It's awesome! I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is real and works. Heavenly Father answers our prayers. He answered many of Sister Pope and my prayers on Thursday as we drove home with our bumper not attached to our car. He kept us safe.

I know the Book of Mormon is true! It was Shekinah-awesome to see Ken be baptized on Saturday. We have taught him for about four weeks, and in that time he learned for himself that the Book of Mormon is true and that God does answer prayers. He stands as another witness of 
someone who has found these things out for himself. And more importantly, it was awesome to see Ken make covenants, or promises with God to 1) take upon himself the name of Jesus Christ.  2) keep the commandments. 3) serve the Lord.

Here is a little thing I can't get out of my head, so here ya go.

Sometimes life isn't that grand,
But really quite bland,
"Faith is of itself a principle of power."
So go smell a flower
And look for God's hand in your life today!
Because it makes it Shekinah-awesome!

Sister Frisch

 We live in the Tsunami evacuation area.

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