Monday, February 1, 2016

"If you want to know how much you are loved, count all the waves in the sea."

That's what a sign says in the member's house we do our laundry at. I thought it fitting since it is February and Arizona's 104th birthday is coming up on the 14th of this month.

I also love that quote because the waves are a constant. Every morning I can look out my window and see the waves on a continuos roll, until they crash or hit the beach. It doesn't matter if it is raining, hailing,windy, or sunny. Either way, the waves never stop coming. Our Savior's love is like that. Somedays we are filled with resentment towards people, or we make bad choices, or we don't live up to our expectations (actually those things happen everyday, just on different levels), they could be breaks to our Savior's love, but they aren't. See, Christ is the epitome of love through words and deeds. Not only was he a perfect being, but his love is perfect. It's infinite, just like the waves in the sea.

Seaside is a cute touristy town with lots of old, retired people during the off season. I love it! I lied in my last email though, when I said the area was 5 times the land area size of my previous area. It's actually 20. There are lots of places we cover with just forest and water, and not many people. But, it makes finding fun because so rarely do we see people just walking around. It's like a treasure hunt trying to find people to teach. The gold is getting to teach them about God's love and his wonderful plan. We have two investigators right now progressing towards baptismal dates. Ken is golden. He referred himself and wanted a Book of Mormon. His grandma was a Mormon and he loved his grandma a lot :) the other is a referral from her daughter who is a convert of a year. The main thing though is that they both have a desire to change. They recognize that they have agency in this life and can choose where life takes them.

Something that has really stuck out to me this week is that missionary work really is Heavenly Father's work. He knows the souls that are prepared to hear the gospel. He knows them by name. But, he won't lead us to them unless we are living worthily and being obedient. Sometimes Heavenly Father leads us to people who have no interest in the gospel at all to make sure that He can trust us with these individual souls and that we will take care of them, and work with all our might, mind, and strength to bring them back to Him. He also knows us perfectly. He knows our weaknesses. He knows our fears. He knows where we lack in missionary skills or even life skills. Yet he trusts us, and he trusts us to trust him despite our faults. He trusts that we will turn to him as we find those faults and weaknesses so that through His strength we may be able to continue His work. He knows it all. When we confide in Him and listen to the Spirit, and act on those promptings, there are no bad days in missionary work, because we are doing His will. That is what I learned this week. I wish I had learned that 6 months ago. But hey, better now so I can change the rest of my time out here, than later.

That is all I have to say now, except, I saw a whole arch of a rainbow over the ocean in the sky and it was super cool. Water and light is an awesome combination!

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