Tuesday, October 25, 2016

From Vancouver Back to Gresham, Lots of Changes

Sister Lavaka, Sister Johnson, and Sister Frisch
 Sister Richards and Sister Frisch
 Momma! I love you!

So, lots of things have happened in the last week. Sister Richards went home. She had been thinking about it for a while. Last Sunday through Tuesday she wasn't able to even get out of her bed because she was in so much pain. I was a solo sister for a while going on splits with the sisters in the ward. On Tuesday, the member we live with- Sister Stephan's had the prompting for Sister Richards to receive a blessing from our bishop in the Mountain View Ward. The spirit said she should! At first Sis. Richards was hesitant because she had already had 9 priesthood blessings for her pain. But, after much prayer and scripture reading, she decided she would. After the blessing, she decided she would tell President the next day (we had interviews with him) that she needed to go home. Well, after the interview she told me he had said to let him know in a week. She prayed and read a lot of scriptures, and by Friday morning she decided she was going to go home, get better, and then come back out. So, Friday morning she called president, they made arrangements for her to fly home Saturday, and Friday was full of packing. Saturday I joined my two new companions, Sister Johnson and Sister Lavaka, back in Gresham zone in Oregon! Sister Johnson is training Sister Lavaka, so I have become a step-mom:) 

I learned another aspect of the enabling power of the Atonement this week. Mom, during my time with Sister Richards I never used my happy lamp because she was so sensitive to light and sound. I never became depressed. I'm not afraid of this winter. This is what I learned, I loved my companion enough to forget about my own pain and fears. I wanted to be able to take away the pain Sis. Richards felt. She wanted to finish her mission so badly. She loves it out here. She loves the people and was such a hard worker when she could work. She felt so much pain that for three days she only slept for three hours. I wanted so badly to take that away from her. And I forgot about myself. I realized that I was willing to give up everything if just Sis. Richards would be okay. One day as I was studying diligence I realized how much Heavenly Father gives to us. He just asks for my 100%. As I strive to give Him my all, He allows me to give my all and receive so much more in return. As I gave my all to help my companion, I was okay and wasn't sad. He enabled me to be happy and to be a help to my companion. He enabled me and allowed me to have charity. I can't quite explain it correctly, but I felt that part of the enabling power of the Atonement. Leaving Sister Richards on Saturday was bittersweet. I feel at peace with her going home, but I wish I could have served much longer with her in Mountain View Ward. She was awesome.
Columbia River Ward is awesome too, plus I'm HOME! I'm in Gresham! I love it here! Last night the zone leaders called me just to say, "Hi!" because I was back and these are my friends! Today we went on a hike as a zone and it was so fun to see my friends again. I love you so much!
Sister Savanah Frisch 

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