Monday, March 21, 2016

Miracle Week!

A lot of miracles happened this week, but I want to focus on the greatest miracle in the history of the world- The Resurrection of Christ. This event is the last act in the three part play of Christ's Atonement that includes his suffering in Gethsemane and his death on the cross.

The resurrection of Christ overcame the bands of death.  The resurrection made it possible for all of us, it doesn't matter if we are good or bad, believe in God or don't, would one day have immortal, perfect bodies. The resurrection overcame one of the effects of the fall of Adam and Eve (when they were cast out of the Garden of Eden)- a physical death. And that is incredible! Only a complete, whole individual could do that, our Savior.

One of our eternigators (somebody who has been taught by the missionaries for over two years) has been having a hard time with hearing us at lessons (she is 75) and just found out she has breast cancer. We decided she really needed to feel the peace and comfort that comes from the Spirit as that is where her greatest understanding and conversion will stem from. So we planned a lesson centered on Jesus Christ and His Atonement. Since Betty can hear a loud speaker and enjoys visuals we chose three short videos on the Gospel Library- "For God So Loved the World," "None Were With Him," and "He Lives."
The first was a brief depiction of Christ's life, the second was a testimony from one of our modern-day apostles, Elder Holland, and the third was the Easter video from a couple years ago. Betty felt the love from her Heavenly Father and it was a beautiful thing to witness. Heavenly Father loves us so much that he sent his only Begotten Son to be tried, feel pain, distress, our sins, sadness, so he would know how to take care of us. Betty felt some of the enabling power that comes from the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

This is the Lord's work. His work is hastening and Sister Mortensen and I are doing all we can to keep up with His hastening. It's awesome :)

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