Monday, January 18, 2016


We went hiking with the Roniger's-8.3miles in "the Gorge". It was beautiful and sunny weather so we had to enjoy it and soak it up.
So yes, I am transferring to Seaside. That was my dream place to go on my mission. Rumor is the sisters live in a beach house there. It is rainy and more stormy then here in Vancouver though. Right now it is the perfect time for whale watching in Seaside and to wave watch.
Somebody at church said the waves were 20 feet tall this past week. My new area is HUGE! It goes down a big chunk of the Oregon coast-further then Canon Beach and up to where the Colombia a River meets the Pacific Ocean. I can't wait to send you pictures.

I am going to miss Vancouver 1st Ward. We have a good system going and so many progressing investigators and finding new people everyday. But, I am also excited to start new somewhere. I'm good at organizing :)

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