Monday, December 28, 2015

I will Always Associate the Smell of Weed with Washington...

Always. Somebody smokes a ton of weed next to the member's house we live in. There are also three cannabis herberys in my area.

Also, the sunshine peeped out this week. It was blinding but beautiful. I just stood in it for a moment, and then I photosynthesized. Haha.
Tuesday we traveled as a zone to the Portland temple. It's beautiful! There is a huge atrium in it with real plants. You can see the angel Moroni from the windows in the atrium. We did get caught in traffic though on the way home, so I was in Portland for a good half of the day. There are bridges everywhere! I love it! Also the city reminded me of Phoenix, so it felt like a rainy day at home. I love the temple. There is so much to learn there and a peace there. No matter what temple I go to, it feels like home.

Christmas was awesome. Sister Nilson and I had decorated a little corner of our basement living quarters as a "Christmas corner". We had a miniature Christmas tree thanks to Sister Nilson's parents. We decorated it and any packages we received the past two weeks we wrapped and placed under the tree. Christmas morning we opened presents and stockings and then headed over the Rowley's (recent converts) house. We skyped our families which was wonderful! I love my family so much and am so grateful to be sealed to them for eternity.

By brothers are hilarious as always. We ended Christmas Day with caroling with our zone. It was fun caroling with missionaries because we were laughing, bringing joy to people late Christmas Day, and there was just this light feeling.

Good news! At one of Brian's lessons we needed another male to make numbers right and spontaneously a guy (named Cole) was open minded and wanted to sit in. At the end of the lesson he asked for reading
materials, and so of course we gave him a Book of Mormon. Turns out him and Brian have been reading from our gospel principles book along with reading all of the additional study scriptures from the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants. Cole wants to take the lessons too! Man, Brian is on top of this missionary work thing. It's amazing!

Well, peace! Write to you all next year! (In case you haven't heard that joke yet :D)
The sun peaked out for the first time in weeks. It felt similar to what I imagine a mole popping its head out of the ground. I was blind. But I loved it. It snow/rained the next day.

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