Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Important News!

First off, one must pronounce Washington as "Warshington". Don't forget the "r". Same with warsher and dryer. Also, if one lives in Vancouver, Washington, call it "the Couve" so as not to confuse the place with Vancouver, Canada. Yeah.

Second thing, when a York Mint Pattie breaks near your ear, it makes the same sound as when your head gets stuck in a spider web.
Here is normal Washington winter weather.  
The area that I serve in is perfect for Halloween because a lot of the houses are older than the 1960's, overgrown with moss, vines, and plants.  Real spider webs are everywhere, and it is dreary.  I love it.

Third thing, I AM TRAINING!!! On Wednesday we have transfers and I am staying in my area and training a newbie from the MTC. Weird thing is, is that it has already been three months since I have been out. Crazy how time flies!

The Sistrict
(A district made up of sisters, except for the district leader and his companion.)

Fourth: never doubt the power of a birthday cake. There is an in-active family in the ward who had announced to everybody when they moved in that they wanted to be a part of the ward. After they were moved in they kind of shut everyone out. So, as missionaries, we were the last ones to still have a tie to them. The ward needed the mom's birthday, so our wonderful ward missionary leader made an incredible snickers cake and we took it over. We sang "Happy Birthday" on the door step which got us past the door step. Woot! Woot! Turns out the mother's birthday is the same day as your's, dad! We ended up talking to the whole family for 45 minutes! At the end of it, the three kids want to be baptized and their mother supports them! It was a miracle! So, "YAY!" for birthday cakes.

 People at bible study.  
Pictured is me, Tom, Marrisa, and Sister Tauala.  Hugh from Bible Study.  He thinks I am the most knowledgeable person about the bible he has ever met.  Thanks mom and dad for having us watch Living Scriptures bible videos along with Veggie Tales.

 When one finds a blanket/shawl thing, one must then pretend to be a hobbit.
Our "shwarmas". We call them that because we can't remember the actual name of these shawl/blanket things that Bonnie gave us.
That is me, in my "shwarma" by our car. Word.

 Horrock's family.  WAPI making party with the Sistrict.  Selfie with the STLs during a sister study activity.

 The Walkers.  They are converts as well.  
Brother Roniger proud of his homemade kimchi (me photobombing the picture).

The members we live with.
I love the mission.  It does not seem like three months have passed.  I've fallen in love with my area. On Wednesday, I will meet my new companion, bright-eyed and ready to learn and immerse herself in the gospel and service.  This has definitely been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but also the most amazing!  That is all I have time for, so peace!


Sister Frisch

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